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  • Build capacity for parent involvement
  • Provide professional development for building staff
Rau Elementary School Title I Services

Title I is one of the nation's largest federal programs through which most school districts receive funding to provide supplemental instruction for students based on academic need. The goal is to increase performance and academic achievement in the areas of language arts and/or mathematics. 

Rau Elementary School uses research based Benchmark Literacy as the core reading curriculum, which meets current standards.  The research proven curriculum effectively provides instructional designs and components. Teachers utilize ten comprehension-focused units per grade level with extensive and explicit model-guide-apply instruction. The pre, mid, post and ongoing assessments help teachers to drive their instruction. The grade specific leveled texts are organized by comprehension strategies, including phonics and word study kits. 

Rau Elementary School also uses a variety of criteria to screen for students that will be included in the Title I program. The primary screening, FastBridge, assesses math and reading. FastBridge is completed for all new students and  three times a year; fall, winter, and spring, for existing students. The data aides the education team in determining if additional individual support is required for math and reading.  Additionally the program provides teachers with ongoing progress monitoring and year to year tracking of student test results.

Parent and teacher referrals are also used to identify students in need of further assistance. Parents are encouraged to reach out to teachers to determine a plan for student success. 
Title I Program Contacts:

Title I Program Coordinator
Kim Halvorson

Title I Paraprofessional
Vernette Torgerson

Phone: 406-482-1088