Rau Elementary School Staff

Jacklyn Johnson                     Kindergarten                         jjohnson@rauschool.net
Kim Halvorson                        First Grade                            khalvorson@rauschool.net
Julie Hill                                  Second Grade                       jhill@rauschool.net
Janelle Leintz                          Third Grade                          jleintz@rauschool.net
Kristin Norgaard                      Fourth Grade                        knorgaard@rauschool.net
Kassie Larson                         Fifth Grade                           klarson@rauschool.net
Kassie Larson                         Sixth Grade                          klarson@rauschool.net
Leif Halvorson                         Music/Computers                 lhalvorson@rauschool.net
Vernette Torgerson                 Title I Aide                             title@rauschool.net

Cindy Hecker                                   Business Manager/Clerk                 checker@rauschool.net
Kim Halvorson                                 Supervising Teacher                        rausupervisor@rauschool.net
Gretchen Hussey                             Administrative Assistant                  office@rauschool.net
Erica Webster                                  Food Service Manager f                  foodservice@rauschool.net

            Board of Trustees

             Kelly Alvstad                                         Board Chair
                         Alvin Franzen                                        Trustee                          Sarah Rachor                                        Trustee
                          Cindy Hecker                                         Clerk
Rau Elementary School Board of Trustees contracts with Prairie View Special Services to provide Special Education Services

Prairie View Special Services Staff

​Denice Ler Special Education dler@pvssmt.org 406-489-2546
Speech Pathologist
                                                                            Board of Trustees

Rau School is the only school in District #21 of Richland County. This district has three elected trustees. The board meets in regular session on the third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the School Library or Gymnasium.  Each meeting is governed by an agenda; if you wish to bring up an item of business, please ask a trustee or  the clerk to include you on the agenda at least two (2) days prior to the meeting. Please feel free to come and observe at any time; you need not be on the agenda to observe and there is a time for public comment. The board encourages you to attend the meetings and to keep in touch with your trustees. Board minutes will be posted at the school office.
The first Tuesday in May of each year one trustee term will expire and a new trustee must be elected. The one whose term expires may run again