Rau Elementary School - Public School District #21 
12138 County Road 350, Sidney, MT 59270

The mission of Rau Elementary School
is to create a safe, positive, and challenging learning environment for all children so that they become lifelong learners.

Phone: 406-482-1088         FAX: 406-482-1016
Supervising Teacher:      Kim Halvorson
District Clerk:                 Cindy Hecker
Administrative Assistant:             Gretchen Hussey
Important Notices

Out-of-District Students
Out-of-district students will be accepted into Rau on a case-by-case basis as approved by the Board of Trustees 
and Supervising Teacher. Every nonresident student who attends Rau must reapply for admission the 
succeeding school year by June 15th. Admission in one school year does not infer or guarantee admission in 
subsequent years. Out-of-district students who have transferred away from Rau and wish to transfer back 
must re-obtain approval from the Board of Trustees.​

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Summer Hours:
Monday - Thursday
9:00am - 3:00pm